We are Treadlight.

We develop marketing programs that ensure messaging is able to reach
the intended target when so many people have become
unaffected by traditional advertising.

Our programs key on experiences… product interactions, live events, brand collaborations, and cause marketing campaigns - made accessible through a variety of digital storytelling methods with full
creative and production capabilities.

Who we are.

Treadlight is a lifestyle marketing company. When people are passionate about a brand, it becomes part of their lifestyle. Treadlight helps inspire passion by facilitating brand interaction on an emotional level. We help build deeper relationships with consumers through programs that emotionally engage audiences in a way that’s honest, moving and meaningful.


CEO / Director of Product


Director of Experience


Director of Photography


Director of Digital


Experiential marketing takes the fire and the passion feeding the furnace at your company's core, and brings it into the real world with
experiences that allow interaction on a human level.

In today's media landscape you have to do more than tell the world who you are. Your audience is no longer listening. They've tuned out.
Now, you have to show them and make them feel it.


A well-developed product marketing campaign gives physical form to your message with a tactile product interaction your audience can live, feel and experience on a deeper level.

Treadlight has over a decade of experience with product development. We are proud owners/operators of Brandsmith, the premier promotional merchandise distribution company in Northern California, as well as Wind Water Sun, our own cut & sew t-shirt factory located in San Francisco which allows complete control of garment development,
down to the smallest detail.


Digital storytelling extends the experience from the few directly involved, to the many participating remotely over the web. It gives your message... your product, your event, your lifestyle... the opportunity to reach as many people as possible. We produce a wide variety of web content including videos, photographs, and graphics, as well as
social media campaigns, custom built websites,
and e-commerce stores.

There are 7 billion people on planet earth and not all of them will get
the chance to directly participate in your spectacular
live event or wear one of your amazing custom garments.
But everyone will have access to the experience.


Most Americans believe that businesses, not governments are in the best position to bring about social change. As a result 60% of consumers have said they would prefer to purchase from a company that blends
social purpose and corporate mission.

In emerging markets like China and India, 8 out of 10 consumers expect brands to donate a certain portion of their profits to social causes.
And both at home and abroad, consumers say they are willing to pay a premium price to support brands that are aligned with a good cause.

Treadlight will help arrange key partnerships between businesses
and charitable organizations, and help tell the story
so the public will take notice.

How we work. (A short fictional tale)

1 MegaCorp is a great company putting out a great product and as a result they are slowly taking over the world. Despite every effort to put their best foot forward, their sheer size and shape makes them easy to misperceive as uncaring and evil.

Depressed and feeling grossly misunderstood, the CEO calls Treadlight.

2Treadlight quickly discovers that MegaCorp’s CEO loves chimpanzees. And it stands to reason that a shared love of the great apes would allow consumers to relate to MegaCorp on a more human level. A cause marketing campaign sounds like just the ticket.

Treadlight and MegaCorp develop a line of sustainable t-shirts called "Chimpy" with 100% of the proceeds going to The Jane Goodall Institute.

3 Reese Witherspoon absolutely loves the shirts and begins wearing them everywhere. Her friends and fans really dig them too, and they start to sport Chimpy as well.

Before long, the entire world is wearing Chimpy tees. Millions of dollars are suddenly pouring into The Jane Goodall Institute. Thousands of sweet chimp lives are saved.

… and oh, by the way, maybe MegaCorp isn’t so bad after all.