Seven years, six cross-country tours, 41 states, 137 cities, over 4,500 interviews filmed that were cut into 56 national broadcast ads. From the campaign’s inception, Treadlight cofounder Meg Shaw, lead the development, planning and production of Mutual of Omaha’s Aha Moment Tour.

The Aha Moment Tour was an authentic & celebratory brand awareness campaign that provided a platform for real people to share their life changing moments of inspiration – their “Aha Moments”.

Project scope consisted of:

  • The build out of a 34-foot film studio inside an Airstream travel trailer.
  • Creating and managing a multi-million dollar production budget (and delivering under budget each year!).
  • 41 states, 137 cities, over 4,500 interviews filmed.
  • 56 national broadcast ads.
  • Production of almost 200 multi day, on-site events.
  • The hiring and training of all crewmembers ranging from producers, directors, PAs, and editors to brand ambassadors.
  • Sourcing & overseeing outreach to thousands of people who were invited to share their inspirational stories.
  • Social Media campaign keying on Facebook and Youtube with organically grown community of 100k +.

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