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Treadlight conceptualizes and produces visual, video and written content as well as face-to-face brand activations and experiential campaigns.

We are a woman-led creative agency and production company working with brands to deepen their connection with their audience.

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Content is Queen We Produce Content We help define your most compelling brand narratives. We source, capture and package real world examples of these stories and produce a stream of scalable, relatable content ranging from video to written articles. We Curate Experiences We design and produce experiential campaigns, live events and brand activations. Magical face-to-face interactions that express the heart of your brand. Because direct contact is the clearest path to an emotional connection. For Brands We Love We work with brands we believe in and create a space where their stories can tell themselves. Our campaigns convert audiences into vocal brand ambassadors by inspiring a sense of community through shared human experience.

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The Solutions Project
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A new approach to content from a veteran founder. Meg Shaw founded Treadlight based on the learning that the best way to connect brand with audience is through direct, human-to-human conversation. In 2007, Meg launched Mutual of Omaha's Aha Moment Tour, a seven-year campaign that featured real people sharing life altering moments of inspiration. The Aha moment tour archived over 6,000 videos and included more than 200 multi-day events.

Meg went on to join the founding team of Mark Ruffalo's The Solutions Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating climate change. With TSP, she produced a series of events, stunts, and films which highlighted the work of people entrenched in the fight for climate justice.

Under Meg’s leadership, Treadlight brings over 15 years of experience focused on creating and documenting authentic brand interactions. We produce practical, scalable, and highly effective content and we understand how to infuse brand message into the aesthetic of an event or activation. Our campaigns live at the intersection of marketing and community. We believe deeply that this is where your story will best be heard in today's social landscape.
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